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Join me on this journey of opening up to vulnerability, letting go of perfection, fighting resistance, and embracing the uniqueness within all of us. The Imperfection Wins podcast features real stories from my life, and you’ll hear from others including, expert advice from psychologists, executive coaches, authors, and more.

Find a little encouragement, insight, or a gentle nudge to take action.


Hi, I’m Sam, host of the Imperfection Wins Podcast! My passion is people, and I believe that everyone has unlimited potential, untapped gifts, and the ability to form deep connections with others.

I started this podcast as part of my own journey in exploring my fears, imperfections, and value to the world. I am inspired by how many of you are on a similar path! Join me to explore what you really want, what holds you back, and a few tools on how to move forward.

With kindness, courage, and grace,

“Love this podcast because it’s filled with truth. I see myself in every podcast and simply knowing you are not alone gives you room for growth!”

by Dubstep Fan 102938 on Apple Podcasts

“Your authentic and honest assessment of yourself will attract many of us that value perfection but know the downside of it. Look forward to more.”

by ImagesofItaly (Larry) on Apple Podcasts

“What a great first podcast! So relatable! Here’s to all of us letting go of the quest for perfection!! Looking forward to the next episode.”

by KerrieRB on Apple Podcasts

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These are the words that came to mind the first time I held one of these small handcrafted wooden heart in my hand. Read more about how Gary’s imperfect hearts serves as a reminder that things don’t have to be perfect to be meaningful.


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We’d love to have you as a guest. Our topics revolve around letting go of perfection, vulnerability, resistance and working on personal growth.