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This growth toolkit contains free activities to help you explore what you really want, discover what is holding you back, and empower you to move forward. Visit often, I’m always adding new tools!

What am I afraid of?

Tell Fear to Take A Hike!

This download includes a place for you to write down your worst fears, decide if they are realistic or purely emotional and brainstorm actions that you can take to release each fear and take control of your life.

Create a Stop Doing List

Is your to-do list a mile long? It’s time to start a STOP DOING LIST! This tool can help you prioritize what lights you up and eliminate the things that drain you. Shorter to-do lists remind you what’s most important in life.

5 To Thrive Journal

Narrow your focus to the five things that will help you thrive! This free 90-day journal is deliberately crafted to help you improve your well-being while helping you track positive, healthy habits along the way. Are you in?

Focus on the Good Stuff Gratitude

Focus On The Good Stuff

Science has shown that building a habit of gratitude can have tremendous benefits in your life. This download provides 20 gratitude prompts to get started and a weekly gratitude journal to print out.

Finding Balance

Do you have balance in your life? This download includes an exercise to help you to analyze each area of your life and determine where you can work to create and find balance.