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Ep #39: How We’ll Rise Together


Recorded live on 1150KKNW, join me in this powerful conversation with Cha Barefield. We have a raw and vulnerable discussion about racism, awakenings and ultimately LOVE. It’s an important conversation that you can’t miss!

Today’s Guest

Today’s guest is a powerful speaker, entrepreneur and talk show host. Cha Barefield not only believes in seeing people, she believes in the knowing, the learning, and the loving of people. Through her work, Cha speaks about the human core of companies and anything that makes humans better, makes the company they work for better.

Key takeaways from this episode:

  • Confidence means, I have nothing to prove. I am enough.
  • It’s time to listen and learn with open hearts, open minds and open eyes.
  • Sometimes silence is our part in an injustice, be willing to be honest with yourself and sit with discomfort.
  • Words matter, they can uplift or bring down, we have a huge responsibility to use our words intentionally and carefully.
  • We have to be active in our work against racism, empathy is not enough.
  • We have a responsibility to ask good questions, they are transformative, and they lead to mind and heart expansion. Inferior questions lead to hope and defensiveness.
  • Asking the good questions, leads to compassion.
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Cha Barefield Website
Learn more about Cha and her work.

With courage, kindness, and grace,

Love Sam

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