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#38 Embrace Your Power With Confidence


Recorded live on 1150KKNW, with special guest Lindsey Nadler. Join us while we talk about confidence, entrepreneurship, mindset and our relationship with money. It’s a powerful conversation full of wisdom!

Today’s Guest

Today’s guest is Lindsey Nadler, a life and business coach, host of The Make Your Passion Pay You Podcast & creator of The Passion To Profit Business Academy where she helps women step into the role of confident CEO and build online businesses doing what they love.

Key takeaways from this episode:

  • Confidence means, I have nothing to prove. I am enough.
  • We are 100% worthy simply because we are human.
  • Becoming confident allows us to roll through life with a relaxed intensity.
  • We need women who are wild and raw and showing up as themselves.
  • So many women, spend so much of their time, doubting their worth and their ‘enough-ness. We are not taught how to manage our power as women.
  • When you understand your power, the fear issue takes a backseat.
  • We do not need to carry guilt and shame about making money.
  • The crux to chasing your dreams is worrying about what other people think and the need to be liked.
  • There is high value in coaching, mentorship and having leaders in your life.
  • This is the time to double-down on your business. Right now more than ever, the new economy will be built upon the backs of women determined to rise.


Lindsey Nadler Website
Learn how Lindsey can help you in chasing down your dreams and confidently pursue your passion.

With courage, kindness, and grace,

Love Sam

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