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#33 Following Your Passion into Entrepreneurship


Recorded live on 1150KKNW with special guest Garianne Sheridan, founder and creator of The Peachy Prodigy.  This refreshing and inspiring episode may give you the courage to follow your heart and get out of your comfort zone!

Today’s Guest

Today’s Guest is the owner of The Peachy Prodigy. Born and raised in Upstate New York with a passion for food and art, Garianne Sheridan’s mission is to guide people to live more consciously, and that food is the root of it all – how we feel, how we look, and simply how we perform each day.

Key takeaways from this episode:

  • Take time to do what feels good for you. We are all different. Well-being is different for all of us.
  • Things can be simple if you want them to be.
  • Follow your love and passion. It won’t lead you astray.
  • At the beginning of starting anything new, there is self-doubt and setbacks, it is your response that matters.
  • People’s lack of support for you is not about YOU. It’s about them.
  • As soon as you stop comparing, you find your unique art form.
  • There are good things about social media; just remember it’s a highlight reel.


The Peachy Prodigy Website
Learn more about real food and get some real talk from Garianne’s website.

With courage, kindness, and grace,

Love Sam

p.s. The heart story…

The uneven edges in Gary’s hand-crafted hearts is what makes them meaningful. Every one is unique, just like all of us. Click below to learn more about these little treasures or request an imperfect heart.