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#25 Live The Life You Want


Recorded live on 1150KKNW with special guest Jori Saeger. We are all bombarded with well-meaning advice every day. Eat this. Live here. Go after this job. Buy this. What happens when you want to follow your intuition and chart a new path? Today, Jori and I talk about how to navigate the advice and ultimately live the life YOU want.

Today’s Guest

Today’s guest is the host of the podcast ‘Don’t Tell Me What To Do’, where she dives into pivoting from the advice others give you and charting a new path for yourself. I am thrilled to have Jori Saeger as my guest on Episode #25, where we talk about the messy middle and finding your true passions.

Key takeaways from this episode:

  • Are there things that need to be said, and are you the one who needs to say it? What do you have to tell the world?
  • Surround yourself with expanders. Look for people who are reaching those goals and where you can see yourself in what they are doing.
  • Curiosity and trying different things help you better understand yourself. You have to experiment to learn new things.
  • Set some reasonable goals for what success looks like, and remember to celebrate your goals.
  • It’s ok to be in the ‘messy middle’ and not have all the answers.
  • Always follow your intuition when it comes to your inner-passion. You know what is right for you.
  • You make change happen, or change happens to you.
  • Just because you want to do something different or creative doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make money. These things are valuable.
  • Do things that light you up.


Don’t Tell Me What to Do Podcast
The podcast dives into conversations about pivoting from the advice people give you to charting a new path on topics like relationships, finance, fitness, beauty, identity, and burnout.

Jori Saeger
Jori VP of Marketing at Uplevel, a Seattle tech start-up. Her career has focused on companies that help people be happier and more engaged at work. Connect with her on LinkedIn.

Lacy Philips
Mentioned on the show today, this is the site for Lacy’s workshops, podcasts, and more.

With courage, kindness, and grace,

Love Sam

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