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#22 Today’s Insta-Perfect Culture


Recorded live on 1150KKNW with special guest Anne Taylor Hartzell. In this episode, we talk about the pitfalls of Social Media and the ‘Insta-Perfect’ culture we live in today. We scroll through our social media feeds, viewing curated pictures of everyone’s life – and that view of perfection can sometimes feel daunting. Here’s a reminder that it’s ok to take a break, to be brave, and go against the cultural norm.

Today’s Guest

Today’s guest is the founder of Hip Travel Mama, an award-winning travel blogger, a 20+ year marketing consultant, and a wife and mom of two. Through her new podcast ‘culture SHIFT’, she evokes real conversations about the challenges we face as parents navigating the world. Join me in welcoming Anne Taylor Hartzell as my guest today on Episode #22, where we talk about the pitfalls of the ‘Insta-Perfect’ culture we face today.

Key takeaways from this episode:

  • Get in the habit of pausing and looking at the entire situation. The person you are with is another human being and has their own set of struggles. This pause gives your brain time to activate your compassion neurons in your prefrontal cortex.
  • Culture is what is popular among the masses. Sometimes, we have to be brave enough to follow what’s unpopular.
  • You don’t know tone; you can’t see a person’s expressions – it’s hard to feel empathy towards a screen.
  • Remember, social media only shows you a one-dimensional curated side of someone.
  • If you always start with the intent of being kind, even the toughest conversations will be ok.


Culture Shift Podcast
Listen to Anne Taylor Hartzell’s new podcast – she evokes real conversations about the challenges we face as parents navigating the world.

HipTravel Mama
Travel tips and inspiration for the modern family.

With courage, kindness, and grace,

Love Sam

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