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#19 Pause and Be Present


Recorded live on 1150KKNW with special guest Leah Kapernick where we dive into mindfulness and the benefits of taking a moment to pause and be present during your day. Use it to be a better leader, cultivate better relationships, and bring your whole self to the world every day.

Today’s Guest

Today’s guest is a fascinating woman with many interests and talents. Feeling pulled in many directions, she took charge of her life and created a simple strategy to focus on. She is a successful businesswoman who has found a way to combine her diverse skills as a Video Producer, Birth Doula, and Mindfulness Leader. I am excited to have Leah Kapernick as my guest today on Episode #19, where we talk about mindfulness and simple ways to take action in 2020.

Key takeaways from this episode:

  • If you are a leader or business owner: Are you enabling your employees to bring their best selves to work?
  • Ask yourself, are there self-imposed ‘rules’ that you can let go or be more flexible?
  • Mindfulness is showing up and being present in your thoughts without judging how you feel or what you ‘should be’ doing — having self-compassion.
  • Mindfulness changes how you show up for others in your life.
  • You can even choose to enjoy the things that you don’t love to do. Focus on what is enjoyable about the task. Or focus on the joy you feel when it is done.
  • Try to change your have-to’s to chose-to’s.
  • Meditation provides many health benefits: less stress, anxiety, and depression; better sleep and relationships; a reduction in heart disease.
  • To get started in Mindfulness: Start simple. Give yourself permission to pause and relax during your day. Stop and ask yourself, how can you shift your mindset?
  • To get started in Meditation: Grab one of the many apps out there to help you get started with Meditation. Find one that feels good to you.


Meditate Move Make
Leah’s integrated, holistic wellness company that focuses on three pillars of life that ground and connect you to yourself and your community.

Calm App
Choose from several different meditation instructors, peaceful nature scenes, and my favorite – their bedtime stories!

Headspace App
A wonderful app with a fun approach to getting started on meditation. It makes getting started Meditation easy for all ages.

Sonic Yogi
Nature sounds combined with Tebetion Singing Bowls sets you up for relaxation or compliments mediation.

Jon Kabat-Zinn Apps
Mindfulness Pioneer Jon Kabat-Zinn created these three apps to provide research-based tools to help you in the cultivation of mindfulness.

Mindfulness Northwest
Leah recommends this organization, which has a variety of classes in the PNW and a few free online courses.

Mindfulness Daily
Free 40 day program with Jack Kornfield, Tara Brach create a life-changing mindfulness practice in less than 15 minutes a day.

With courage, kindness, and grace,

Love Sam

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