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#9 Living Outside the Box with Jordan Steele


Many of us feel obligated to put ourselves in a box, ultimately limiting our potential to showcase our multiple talents and roles in life. Today, I speak with KING 5 Emmy award-winning Meteorologist about living outside the box and encouraging others to do the same.

Today’s Guest

Today’s guest is a father of twins, a King 5 Emmy award-winning meteorologist, and a pro at living outside the box! Through his work, he is committed to bringing forward the love, joy, and hope back into everyone’s day.

We are pleased to have Jordan Steele join us for episode 9 to living outside the box. Find him on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.

Jordan Steele Living Outside the Box

Key takeaways from this episode:

  • Society puts us in a box. We need to get out of this box and be true to ourselves – that’s when you’ll find your true path and flow.
  • We need to simplify. Let’s go back to being real and stop putting on a show for everybody.
  • Intentional, authentic connection is essential.
  • There is so much out there that will pull you down, just get out there and do it!
  • If you’re going to have a box, make it the biggest box in the world!
  • You’re not tied to one thing, be as many things as you want.
  • Success is not a straight path.
  • Try to listen to something new. Find another point of view, look through a lens of curiosity instead of judgment.
  • Keep your goals out there, and you’ll be shocked when you look back at the decade.


Stand for Truth: Jordan Steel
This is the commercial I saw that inspired me to reach out to Jordan.

With courage, kindness, and grace,

Love Sam

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