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#6 Imposter Syndrome, It’s a Real Thing


Do you feel you have had a hand in your success, or do you usually attribute it to luck, being in the right place, at the right time? Do you compare yourself to others? Imposter syndrome is a real thing that many people face in today’s society. In this episode, I introduce imposter syndrome and explain why we experience feelings of being a fraud in our own success.

Key takeaways from this episode:

  • Imposter Syndrome is a belief that you’re inadequate despite evidence that indicates you’re skilled and quite successful.
  • An estimated 70% of us deal with Imposter Syndrome.
  • It’s easy to slowly put away pieces of ourselves that we feel don’t fit in the world.
  • It’s good to be different. You might fail. Be ok with imperfection and learn from it – it’s part of the growth process.
  • Push yourself to act before you’re ready. Remember, we are not waiting for perfection.
  • Offer your whole and complete self to things that are important to you: a cause, a company, your family, your relationships.
  • Validate yourself instead of looking for validation from others.
  • Practice replaying the good things about yourself. The more you do, the more you will own your confidence.
  • Use real data and real examples of your successes to shut down your Imposter Syndrome.


Make Life Easier on Yourself by Accepting “Good Enough.” Don’t Pursue Perfection, Pursue Progress by Thomas Oppong
A fascinating article about understanding perfection as something that is not feasible, but rather brings out the worst in all of us.

Portman: I, too, battled self-doubt
Even as a Harvard student and successful actress, Natalie Portman questioned her worth, but learned to set her own goals.

With courage, kindness and grace,

Love Sam

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