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#1: Welcome to the Imperfection Wins Podcast


Welcome to my very first episode of the Imperfection Wins Podcast. Join me as I turn my life upside down (on purpose!) to spread my message of encouragement, grace, and authenticity. In this episode, I introduce my story and embark with you on a journey to be imperfectly perfect.

Key takeaways from this episode:

  • An imperfectly perfect person is someone who has their own specific qualities (i.e.; clumsy, nerdy, goofy, weird, etc.) and those qualities make that person interesting and perfect in their own way.
  • The best things that happen are usually unplanned things
  • The world needs us to share what’s real and truthful about life
  • Rest in your own imperfection. Give yourself grace.

With courage, kindness and grace,
Love Sam

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