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#4 Put Your YES Into Action

How do you take action in your life? Are you fixated on things going precisely according to plan? Join me as I wrap up this three-part series on putting YES into action.

Key takeaways from this episode:

  • Take one step at a time and hang onto your plans loosely, with open hands.
  • There’s no action in hope. You need to set goals.
  • Word your goals and actions positively. Don’t focus on what you’ll STOP doing – focus on what you’ll START doing.
  • A Mentor provides guidance, encouragement, and support.
  • A sponsor provides all the things of a mentor, and they are willing to take action and be an advocate for you.
  • We all need people who believe in us, take action for us. They might be a friend, a neighbor, a daughter, or a manager.
  • How to find a mentor or sponsor? Look for these qualities: expertise, approachable, availability, good listeners, compassion, and authenticity.
  • Decide you want something and commit to taking action to achieve it. Write goals that are specific and set a date to it. Don’t forget to share it – there is something magic about saying it out loud!
  • There is no map that provides the perfect path to success.
Quote: Don't Get Trapped

Resources from this episode:

How to make New Years Resolutions Stick
This is a great article if you are constantly finding yourself not following through with your resolutions or aiming too high with your goal setting. Dr. John Norcross is a professor and clinical psychologist, in this article he tells us all about setting realistic and attainable goals to boost our motivation to stick with them.

With courage, kindness and grace, 

Love Sam

p.s What are you saying YES to?

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